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When new meets classic, the result is something unexpected: the inimitably full taste of real life.
einsunternull is a reminder of what is essential. Our restaurant is committed to the rediscovery of unspoiled nature; its calm and vastness away from the busy roads.
Its dishes are as real and unadulterated as a stroll along the most overgrown paths of long-neglected forests.

Forget everything you have previously tasted, seen, smelt, felt and appreciated. Then reinvigorate your senses. Welcome to discovery!

Michelin Star Restaurant

Exceptional creations are always the result of a new kind of encounter between chef and ingredient. This credo informs our work.

"Using top quality ingredients, dishes with distinct flavours are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard."
Guide Michelin 2017

Inspiration never originates in the kitchen alone. We find it where very few people would look for it; where everything begins to grow: in the fields and pastures, in our region’s forests, by the wayside or ‘eins unter null’ (one floor below) – under the ground.

Unconventional kitchen

„Everything has to make sense to us. We do not wish to use products indiscriminately or work with materials without thinking things through first.“ - Andreas Rieger

Lunch Menu (up to 5 courses)
Dinner Menu (up to 10 courses)

"The best restaurant we have tried in Berlin."
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